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ISSUE 1 was released on 31 July 2017. In the mood for clean, the best damn zine.

The impulse to create the silliest, most ridiculous and pointless film zine in the country was sparked when reading yet another impossibly polite interview with a director somewhere. I thought -- what's the point? Thus the playful decision to make a film zine for the pleasure of myself and the ridicule of everyone else.


Content was made as irreverent and sometimes as irrelevant as possible while playing on editorial forms of print content including:

  • an Aunt Agony column by an art curator

  • a film review in stickman comic form

  • pointless rewards/discounts e.g a free nasal spray

  • a fiction story by an experimental director

  • a crossword puzzle by a film programmer

  • weight loss tips from directors, distributors, programmers etc.

  • a fairly serious profile of a recognisable cleaning staff at an independent cinema


I refused to have monetary value ascribed to this zine (at least this virgin issue) and with the help of donations from several people in the film scene, released only 29 physical copies of the zine for circulation (no digital copy was released). Readers are strongly encouraged (or blackmailed) to read and pass the zine on to other hungry hands instead of hoarding it.

SAMPLE PAGES OF ISSUE 1 BELOW. To register your interest in putting your paws on the zine, tell me more about yourself and email me at yangvicki14[at]

ISSUE 2 is in the works. Stay tuned.

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