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Yan Jun's Living Room Tour

(August 2015)

I had the honour of inviting and having Beijing experimental musician and artist Yan Jun perform in my bedroom as part of his Living Room Tour while he was Artist-in-Residence at the NTU Centre of Contemporary Art - a project that utilises someone's home and items for a sound performance, with at least one audience member.


No recordings, no ticket stubs and only the friends and fans I invited squeezed up against the walls.

"As a musician of electronic music, he always felt disappointed with sound system environments and venues in China. To face the reality of society, economy and culture, he creates nomadic sound environments of his own. Yan will invite musicians, artists and people with or without any “talent” to join with to create a platform in which “music should sound on its social pedestal" -- from NTU Centre of Contemporary Art 

Archived video of performance by Yan Jun:

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