Performer in hybrid docu-fiction film (dir. Daniel Hui; prod. by 13 Little Pictures & Primeira Idade)

Singapore | Portugal

"Another successful experiment in hybridization was Snakeskin, which had its world premiere at Doclisboa, following director Daniel Hui’s winning of the Revelation Prize for Eclipses at last year’s festival. Documentary is crossed with science fiction as the sole survivor of an apocalyptic cult in the year 2066 meditates, via voice-over, on interviews and footage filmed in 2014 in his native Singapore. In its unraveling narrative, this unusual, thoughtful evocation of time travel probes one of history’s most complex sites of colonialist intrigue." -- ArtForum,  Travis Jeppesen

“Watching Lav Diaz’s epic five hour From What Is Before (2014) is like binging on a slow-cinema version of a soap opera box set, as Diaz theatrically restages his native Philippines’ 1972 revolution. Daniel Hui’s Snakeskin (2014) similarly acts to revise the history of the director’s homeland, Singapore, ambitiously rejoicing in the medium of film as a Chris Marker-esque agent of time travel and mythmaking, complete with a reincarnated cat.” -- ArtReview, Justin Jaeckle

 Film Awarded: 

  • Award of Excellence (New Asian Currents Programme), Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2015, Japan

  • Special Jury Prize at Torino Film Festival 2014, Italy