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蚯影 WORMHOLE (2012)

Directors, Editors: Nelson Yeo & Yeo Siew Hua
Cinematography: Nelson Yeo
Assistant Director, Writer: Yang Vicki
Art Direction, Research: Adeline Setiawan

While one might hear the vastness of the ocean when holding up a conch shell to one’s ear, the gentle whispers from an earthworm’s orifice offers the sounds of events past and present. Shot in the tunnel of the now defunct KTM railway – the tracks that once connected Singapore and Malaysia, Wormhole showcases a community of earthworm fetishists in search of time travel in a fertile space and is a penetrating meditation on Man and orifices.

Screened at:

  • 10th Singapore Short Cuts 2013

  • KLEX KL Experimental Film & Video Festival 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Kinoflow Kísérleti Film Fesztivál, Budapest, Hungary (21 April 2016)

  • KLEX Southeast Asian Experimental Shorts 2016 in association with Neng Sheng Xing Factory AIR  (N-Factory Air 能盛興工廠國際藝術村), Tainan, Taiwan (1 May 2016)

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